Northstar Model – Zen Mentors Proprietory Coaching Module


North Star has guided people to their destination when lost.

ZEN’s NORTH STAR Model has 4 important stages followed in sequence.


  • The visioning exercise that helps you to identify the direction in life. It helps you to see the future and sync it with your organisational role.
  • It culminates with a personal vision statement that will guide you forward


  • The second stage is Execution.
  • One of the biggest issues we come across in people is poor management of time. Its a genuine concern when people say that they do not have sufficient time to do what they are given to do.
  • The real solution is to approach it from a longer term perspective of integrating your vision to your time management strategy.
  • On the 4 quadrants of urgent and important, the shift needs to take place to Quadrant II of Important and Non Urgent.


  • The third stage is growing beyond one’s limits and barriers.
  • There could be a lower than expected performance that pulls you down or a personal issue that you are unable to cope with.
  • Understanding the Creator/ Victim attitude helps you in the paradigm shift from ‘ my life is controlled by circumstances to “I create future with my own choices”.


  • Connects your vision to your inner motivation.
  • There can be situations when things don’t move. These are addressed through a gap analysis at each stage.
  • The gap analysis is followed by an action plan to bridge it going to the base cause helping the individual overcome it.

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