How Organisations Benefit


Personal growth growth to one’s true potential  
Effective transitioning in to new role or job  
Transformation to a leader capable of taking the organisation to its golden future.

How Organisations Benefit

  • Executive Coaching as a concept is used by leading organisations globally to ensure desired performance at C level. Bill gates to Steve Jobs have gone through it.
  • Succession planning is crucial to organisation’s success and survival. CEO Executive Coaching enables this.
  • Integration of personal and organisational vision is key to team building and achievement of results. Executive coaching brings in this synergy in organisations.
  • Family business transition is more complex. Many potential opportunities to grow big are lost due to perception gap of way business needs to run and grow between the two generations.
  • Bajaj is an excellent example of this transition. Mr Rahul Bajaj, the doyen stepping aside when the question was why? and why not ..
  • Executive Coaching handled personally by Sanjeev Thomas, Founder and CEO with all candidates.

Those interested may meet Sanjeev Thomas, Founder&CEO, ZEN Mentors LLP with prior appointment.
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