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  • Entrance exam to National Law Schools and other elite
    universities tests the aptitude of the candidate for law. Three
    core attributes checked are English language ability, Logical
    analysis skills and Legal aptitude. These need expert
    coaching to crack.
  • We have designed 3 programs to meet your specific need,
    starting with the two year elite module for those who start
  • ELITE 2 Year - For those getting in to 11th standard

    The best time to start for CLAT and the other leading law exams is immediately after Grade 10th or sometime early on in Grade 11.

    By catching them young, we are able to focus self-development of the student with focus on extra reading, build of reasoning capability and debating skills for improvement in verbal skills. This, in turn, improves self-confidence, which is the most important attribute to success.

    The foundation program is designed to go at a gradual pace over a span of 18 to 20 months covering syllabus of entrance exam to National Law Schools and all other major law institutes in India.

    It’s the ideal program for those committed from 10th standard onward to law or civil service as a career as law degree is best bet to crack civil service.

  • INTENSE 1 Year - For Repeaters and those in 12th

    It’s the popular classroom program that offers students a thorough preparation for CLAT while in 12th standard, over a one year period.

    Students have classroom training scheduled over 48 weeks with progressive study modules including online and take home exercises and tests.

    We work with students on establishing a joint study program that gives required focus and time both on board exam and CLAT.

  • CRASH 2 Month - For the brush up after 12th board exams

    It is an intensive classroom training program for students preparing for CLAT and other law school entrance exams.

    It’s for students who are looking at law as a serious option at a very strategic time, i.e. right after the Board examinations, but have limited time of 6-8 weeks to prepare.

    The program includes 6 hours of class room teaching followed by mock tests.

Mentored by Ivy League Alumni

Raaga Maria, Chief Mentor is alumni of NUALS and CORNELL law School, USA with specialisation in IPR and Human rights.

ZEN TCY online portal

Over 750 sectional + Mock tests that enables real time progress. Daily GK updates

SELF Growth Module

Training as per ZEN’s proprietary module for self development is given to ELITE and INTESE program students


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