Concept of Coaching

Concept of Coaching

The greatest tragedy in life is to let our great potential, talents and capabilities be under-utilised, to allow them to rust while we live


Every person is endowed with immense capability to excel in what one chooses to do – with deep passion

E M B R A C E it

These words speak the best of what we try to achieve through our Coaching Program.

It benefits whom?

  • It’s applicable equally to INDIVIDUALS and ORGANISATIONS. Both have inherent strength that is waiting to be harnessed.
  • For a Business Executive, coaching helps to improve performance at work and enable professional growth.
  • For a student, it helps to make a vision for self for right education and career thats based on own aptitude. It helps you plan 5 to 8 years ahead and prepare a plan of action to reach the career goal.
  • Based on Steven Covey’s world renowned developmental module for most effective people we have drawn out individual development and growth programs for the above categories.
  • A global Business Manager,
    Sanjeev Thomas, Founder&CEO, ZEN Mentors LLP attributes his success to coaching.
  • He brings forth his experience in managing global businesses and passion for people development in to coaching people to success
  • Are you ready
    for this life defining transformational journey?

  • Those interested to know more on executive coaching may meet Sanjeev Thomas, Founder&CEO, ZEN Mentors LLP with prior appointment.
    Email: or Contact: +91 88797 87852

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