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Startup Mentoring

  • Startup evangelists are the beacon bearers of future. They own ideas that change the way we live.
  • Success rate in startup missions is directly propositional to the mentoring they receive.
  • Business Model Optimisation and strategy support are key
  • A LIFE COACH for visioning and its integration with startup goals is essential for growth and scale up.

Career Growth Module

  • Professional growth at work is based on how you self develop from executor to one who is the key decision maker.
  • The Life Cycle Journey from Management Trainee to Manager, Divisional Head and the CEO needs a professional coach to stay on course.
  • We support this journey with custom made modules.


  • CEO is the future of an enterprise. No one on earth has more influence than the CEO on deciding a company’s DESTINY. It’s the only position in an organisation that can MAKE or BREAK it.
  • Realising its importance successful organisations spend considerable time in selecting the right candidate. Hence professionals who aspire the corner office needs to know and develop the right skills that are needed for a successful CEO.
  • However studies prove that its less than one third of CEO selection that’s been successful with the desired result of transforming an organisation or sustain its growth projectile.
  • The concept of CEO COACHING was introduced to ensure CEO’s succeed and through them the organisation.
  • We work with organisations to build awareness on importance of CEO Coaching as its a fairly new concept in India. Sanjeev Thomas, Founder and CEO, ZEN Mentors is a global manager and specialises in CEO Coaching and Business Sustenance.
  • Those interested to know more on executive coaching may meet Sanjeev Thomas, Founder&CEO, ZEN Mentors LLP with prior appointment.
    Email: or Contact: +91 88797 87852


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